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  • Common sense of correct use of motorcycle battery

    Release time: 2019-09-12

    It is important to recharge the battery:

    The battery power loss of motorcycle is a common fault on motorcycle. After the battery power loss, it will not only bring inconvenience to the normal use of motorcycle, but also may endanger the driving safety of motorcycle. There are many reasons for battery power loss, but it is mainly caused by the charging system's failure to charge the battery effectively, namely the failure of the voltage stabilizing rectifier, power supply winding resistance and its connecting circuit of the charging system. As long as the voltage stabilizing rectifier, power winding resistance and connecting lines of the charging system are checked, the charging system fault can be eliminated quickly.

    After the charging system fault is eliminated, the battery with power loss shall be recharged before being put into use.

    There are usually two methods for recharging the battery:

    1、 Use the charger to recharge the battery.

    2、 Use the motorcycle charging system to charge the battery during operation.

    The motorcycle charging system adopts a constant voltage charging mode, and most of the small ordinary chargers used in maintenance sites also use a constant voltage charging mode.

    The characteristic of constant voltage charging mode is that the charging voltage of the battery remains unchanged throughout the charging process. When the battery starts to charge, it can be recharged quickly because the battery voltage is lower than the charging voltage and the charging current is relatively large. Generally, the capacity of the battery can be greatly improved in a short period of time. With the continuous increase of the battery voltage, the charging current will gradually decrease until the battery voltage is close to the charging voltage, the charging current will become very small, and the charging work will be nearly stopped. For the battery with serious power loss, the charging voltage is much higher than the battery voltage, and the charging current formed during charging will be particularly large. Taking the charging system of a 125 type motorcycle as an example, under normal conditions, when the engine is idling, the charging current is about 1a, and when the engine operating speed is increased, the charging current can reach about 5a. The standard charging current of the storage battery is usually one tenth of the rated capacity of the storage battery, that is, the charging current of the 12v7ah storage battery is 0.7a. Even if the storage battery is charged quickly, the charging current should not exceed 3a. The charging current of the storage battery in case of severe power loss will greatly exceed the charging current of the fast charging, which is harmful to the storage battery and is also very easy to damage the voltage stabilizing rectifier. The harm of excessive charging current of the battery is that it is easy to cause the active substances on the electrode plate to fall off, which has a great impact on the service life of the battery. Therefore, after troubleshooting the charging system, it is better to use a charger with adjustable charging current to recharge the battery. The charging current is one tenth of the rated capacity of the battery. After the battery is fully charged, it can be loaded and put into use. In the absence of a charger with adjustable charging current, bulbs can be connected in series in the charging circuit to reduce the charging current. When the motorcycle charging system has to be used to charge the battery, it should be noted that the engine must not run at high speed after starting to avoid excessive charging current. For motorcycles in urgent need of driving, the charging current can also be reduced by crossing the street lamps in the charging circuit. The method is: disconnect the battery fuse tube, connect a 12v 21w bulb in series, and remove the bulb after the motorcycle runs for a while and the capacity of the battery increases. It is troublesome to charge the battery in this way, but it is good for the use of the battery, and it can prolong the life of the battery, which is worth it.

    Maintenance of motorcycle battery:

    1、 Check and supplement the liquid level of the battery:

    The liquid level of the battery must be between the upper and lower limits, and must not be lower than the lower limit. If it is lower than the lower limit, it should be replenished in time. When replenishing, do not inject diluted sulfuric acid again, otherwise the battery will be damaged due to the high concentration of electrolyte. Do not add tap water, river water, etc. Because it contains calcium, magnesium plasma and impurities. During charging, these substances will be absorbed on the surface of the electrode plate due to ionization and damage the battery. Therefore, it is necessary to add pure water, distilled water or the popular red battery supplement liquid in the market (the actual use effect is good). The liquid level of the battery should be checked regularly, and it should be checked and supplemented once a month in general. In summer, the temperature is high, so it is recommended to check and supplement once a half month. It should be noted that the liquid level of sealed maintenance free battery does not need to be checked and supplemented, and the sealing cover must not be opened.

    2、 Condition check before charging the battery:

    Check whether the battery voltage is lower than the standard value. If possible, check whether the specific gravity of electrolyte is lower than 1.28 (20 ℃). Observe the interior of the battery. If one or several battery cells are corroded, the plate turns white, or there is material accumulation at the bottom, or the plate warps, replace the battery. If the battery terminal is very dirty and has been corroded or oxidized, it can be cleaned with a wire brush. If the cleaning is not clean, drop a little electrolyte to corrode the surface and then wipe it with clean water.

    3、 Charging of battery:

    This is an important part of battery maintenance, which directly affects the battery life. When charging, the current should not be too large. It is recommended not to use fast charging. When charging, please use half of the rated charging current and double the rated charging time. When charging, put the battery into cold water to cool (the water reaches 4/5 of the battery). Because the battery emits a lot of heat during charging, if it is not cooled as much as possible, the pole plate will be bent and deformed, resulting in damage to the battery. During charging, the plug of the unsealed battery shall be opened, and the charging shall be carried out in a well ventilated place away from the fire to prevent explosion due to hydrogen generated during charging.

    4、 Detection after battery charging:

    After the battery is charged, do not rush to test, but check after standing for 30 minutes. Otherwise, the state of the battery cannot be accurately reflected. First check and correct the liquid level, and then measure the voltage with a multimeter (digital multimeter is easy to use). The 12 volt (6 volt) battery should meet or exceed 12.8 volts (6.4 volts). If it is lower than 12.7 V (6.3 V), continue charging. If the voltage is below 12V (6V), the battery is damaged and should be replaced. It must be noted that the method of short circuit ignition shall not be used to judge the current. A headlamp bulb with the same rated voltage as the battery can be used to connect with the battery, and the lamp can be turned on for 5 minutes to observe the light. If the light of the lamp turns dark or goes out, it indicates that the battery is damaged and should be replaced. In addition, the choice of charger is also very important. Chargers have variable voltage (current) type, constant voltage type, constant current type, etc. It is unnecessary to use self-made chargers. It is easy to use special charger for sealed maintenance free battery. However, it should be noted that some constant voltage and constant current chargers cannot charge sealed maintenance free batteries. If the battery is maintained with the above methods, the service life of the battery can be extended to five or six years.

    Precautions for use and maintenance of motorcycle battery:

    1、 Activation of new battery:

    Including adding electrolyte, charging and installation, which are generally completed by the service personnel of the authorized repair shop. The user can first check the appearance of the battery, such as whether there are scars and cracks on the shell, and whether the terminal is inclined or deformed. Be careful not to bend, block or flatten the vent pipe of the battery during use.

    2、 The daily use and maintenance of battery mainly include the following points:

    1. Press the button for no more than 5 seconds each time. If it cannot be started for several consecutive times, check the oil supply system and the starting and ignition systems.

    2. The following conditions will cause over discharge or insufficient charge of the battery and shorten its service life:

    ① Frequent starting and short driving distance;

    ② Driving at low speed for a long time;

    ③ Hold the brake handle or step down the rear brake pedal during driving to keep the brake light on;

    ④ Install additional electrical accessories or replace with high-power bulbs.

    3. If it is difficult to start, the light is dim, and the horn does not sound loud, power should be replenished immediately.

    4. Check the liquid level every 1-3 months. If the liquid level is lower than the low level, add distilled water to the high level. After adding water, make up the electricity. Except for maintenance free batteries.

    5. If the motorcycle is not used for a long time, please recharge it before stopping use, remove it for storage and recharge it once a month.

    3、 Safety precautions:

    1. The battery will produce explosive gas during use and charging, and it is strictly prohibited to be close to open fire or high temperature. It is also necessary to avoid positive and negative short circuits and loose positive and negative terminals.

    2. The electrolyte contains strong acid to avoid splashing on skin, eyes and clothes. In case of contact, wash immediately with plenty of water. If taken by mistake, drink plenty of water or milk immediately and send to the hospital for treatment.

    3. The addition of additional electrical accessories such as anti-theft device will have a certain impact on the battery. It is recommended to use the anti-theft alarm recommended by Haojue. The use of other anti-theft alarms may lead to abnormal operation of the circuit system, or even damage the battery, igniter, voltage stabilizer and other related electrical components.

    Influence of charging mode on battery service life:

    An article in a motorcycle magazine reported that the batteries returned to the manufacturer by the maintenance station due to quality problems (mainly lack of power storage), some of which have recovered their capacity after being recharged by the manufacturer, and can still be put into use. Before the battery is returned to the manufacturer, the maintenance station also uses a charger for supplementary charging. Why does the effect received differ. According to the cause, most of the chargers used in the maintenance station are constant voltage charging, so it is feasible to recharge the batteries in good technical condition. However, the motorcycle charging system is also a constant voltage charging mode, which is mainly convenient to use and does not need special management. When the battery loses power due to various reasons, the constant voltage charger is used for supplementary charging. Due to the inherent shortcomings of the constant voltage charger, the battery cannot be fully sufficient, and the vulcanization phenomenon on the surface of the electrode plate cannot be completely eliminated. After the battery is loaded and used, it is easy to have power loss again. The bad result of such a bad cycle is that the sulfurization on the surface of the battery plate is getting more and more serious, the capacity of the battery is getting smaller and smaller, the technical state of the battery is getting worse and worse, and the starter motor cannot be dragged into normal operation, so it has to be retired from active service in advance and returned to the manufacturer. The solution to the problem is to use a constant current charger when the maintenance station recharges the battery that is out of charge.

    The advantages of using a constant current charger are:

    1、 It can greatly reduce the impact of large charging current when charging the battery with low charge.

    2、 When the battery is charged, it can still maintain a certain charging current after the terminal voltage rises, which can make the battery fully charged, more eliminate the vulcanization phenomenon on the surface of the electrode plate, activate the active substances on the electrode plate, and make the battery in a good technical state. As we know, the plates of the battery in the state of power loss are prone to vulcanization, while the constant voltage charging mode is difficult to eliminate the vulcanization of the plates. In addition to eliminating the vulcanization of the plates, the relatively large charging current during charging can also electrolyze water, so the battery quickly generates a large number of bubbles during charging, giving the illusion that the battery is fully charged. If carefully observed, it can be found that a large number of bubbles can be generated quickly when the plate vulcanized battery is charged, while a normal battery will only generate a large number of bubbles at the end of the charge. The time of bubble generation is different, which is quite different. As the plates are vulcanized, the capacity of the battery will be greatly reduced, which will directly affect the normal use of the battery. In other words, it is difficult to recover the rated capacity of the battery by using the constant voltage charging mode.


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