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    How long is the general service life of motorcycle battery

    Release time: 2022-09-29

    The battery life is generally 300 times of full charge and discharge. The battery is a kind of consumable, and its price is high. Therefore, it is necessary to use and maintain the battery correctly and extend its service life to make the best use of everything.

    The battery life is generally calculated based on the number of times the battery is fully charged and discharged. The 300 times are calculated based on the reduction of the battery capacity to 75% of the nominal capacity. This data is very important because the user will not charge the battery when it is only 75% of the capacity, but will only charge it when there is no way to use it. At this time, the battery capacity has dropped to 40% of the nominal capacity, which means that there is over discharge.

    Therefore, in order to prolong the service life of the battery, it is necessary to carry out certain maintenance:

    Timely charging: The curing process starts after the battery is discharged, and obvious curing will occur 12 hours later. Timely charging can remove the minor curing. If the battery is not charged in time, sulfurized crystals will accumulate and block the fluffy lead micropores in the battery, increasing the internal resistance of the battery and reducing the service life of the battery.

    Timely water supplement: the battery is designed with a lean solution, which will cause gas evolution during charging, leading to the gradual reduction of the electrolyte distilled water in the battery until it dries up. This will reduce the battery capacity, so it is necessary to supplement distilled water in time. If the battery is maintenance free, you can look at the battery cover and safety valve. If the white diaphragm of the battery is completely dry, you need to replenish water immediately. For ordinary lead batteries, the water level can be checked. If the electrolyte level is below the standard line, distilled water should be added.