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  • Why is it easy to charge batteries in summer? The seven charging methods that hurt the battery most, don't be fooled!

    Release time: 2019-06-14

    When summer comes, the temperature is getting hotter and hotter. In some areas, the temperature has reached 35~38 ℃. The battery heats up during charging, and the battery temperature will rise to more than 45 ℃. Pay special attention to charging electric vehicles in summer. Improper charging will cause damage to the electric vehicle battery. Simply charge the drum battery and reduce the service life of the battery. The following seven charging methods are the most harmful to the battery, which should be avoided and scientific charging methods should be selected:
    Fault 1: Charge the battery as soon as the electric vehicle stops. The exact method is: first stop the electric vehicle for more than half an hour, wait for the battery to cool, and then charge it. When the electric vehicle is riding, the battery itself will heat up. In addition, the temperature of the battery can reach more than 70 ℃ due to the extremely hot weather. Charging the battery at this time will increase the water loss of the battery, reduce the service life of the battery, and increase the risk of battery bulging.
    Fault 2: The electric vehicle charges the battery under direct sunlight. The exact way is: try to charge the battery in the shade, or choose to charge the electric vehicle at dusk. The battery will also generate heat during the charging process. If it is charged under direct sunlight, it will also cause the battery to lose water and cause damage to the battery.
    Fault 3: The charging time exceeds 8 hours, or even the whole night. The accurate method is: no matter whether the charger turns the light or not, the charging time is controlled within 8 hours. For the sake of convenience, many electric vehicle users often charge all night, and the charging time often exceeds 12 hours, or even sometimes forget to cut off the power supply and the charging time exceeds 20 hours, which will certainly cause great harm to the battery. Repeated long time charging simply causes the battery to charge due to overcharge.
    Fault 4: Electric vehicle charger fails to be a special charger for special vehicles. The exact way is: the charger is specially used for cars. If it breaks down, go to the car shop or repair shop in time and get a new charger after being checked by professionals. Nowadays, many families have two electric vehicles, but many electric vehicles have different brands, different types, and different types of batteries. The chargers are also different, and cannot be used universally. The exact practice is to use special chargers for special vehicles. However, some users of electric vehicles often mix them in the use process, even charging 48V batteries with 60V chargers, and 12AH batteries with 20AH chargers, If the charging voltage and current do not match, the battery will be damaged.
    Fault 5: Charge the battery with a generic charger. The exact way is to go to a professional electric car shop or repair shop to purchase standard brand chargers. Nowadays, the electric vehicle market is full of many defective chargers. Many consumers do not attach importance to the quality of chargers and are greedy for cheap, believing that chargers can only charge the battery. The electronic components of low-quality chargers are basically made of defective materials, which are easy to damage. The common question is that the battery does not turn on after being fully charged, and the charging current cannot be adjusted according to the current of the battery, resulting in overcharge of many batteries. After repeated overcharges, the battery will become full. If the electric vehicle charger cannot be used normally, it is recommended to replace an excellent brand charger in a professional electric vehicle after-sales repair shop to ensure the charging quality and delay the service life of the battery.
    Fault 6: Use the rapid charging station to charge the battery. The exact way: check the electric quantity before going out to ensure that the electric vehicle has normal electric quantity to meet the travel demand. If the electric quantity is insufficient, charge it in time before going out. Nowadays, there are many rapid charging stations scattered in many cities. On the one hand, they bring convenience to electric vehicle users, and on the other hand, rapid charging stations with high current charge cause severe battery gas evolution and water loss. Long term use is also an important reason for battery charging. Some electric vehicle users reported that the battery had been fully charged within half a year after the battery was replaced. Finally, they realized that it was the result of repeated use of rapid charging stations.
    Fault 7. The electric vehicle charger is carried with the vehicle. The exact way: The charger should be stored in a fixed place. If there is a need, you can configure one more charger. Some electric vehicle users like to take the charger with them for charging convenience. The electronic components on the main board of the electric vehicle charger were originally welded. Some large electronic components may form desoldering when they fluctuate, resulting in poor contact, unstable current during charging, failure of maintenance function, and battery damage.
    Article source: Jiangmen lithium battery


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