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    After-sales service

    It doesn't matter whether the battery is charged quickly or slowly; The key is the discharge time; If the discharge time is long, it can be used continuously; The battery can still be used as long as it can be charged and discharged; If you want to buy a big domestic brand, you can; If you can identify the quality, you can also buy brand products from small and medium-sized manufacturers; This is more cost-effective;

    Generally, the battery life is determined by the times of charging and discharging; Generally, the number of times of recharging the repaired or refurbished battery is about 50, so when you buy the battery, you are told that the warranty is three months or half a year; Once the warranty period is over, it will certainly not be long; The charging and discharging times of the batteries produced by ordinary manufacturers are about 100-180 times; The service life is about one to two years; The charging and discharging times of the batteries produced by good manufacturers are about 200-300; The service life is about two to three years; Imported and original batteries can be charged and discharged for more than 500 times, and their service life will be longer;

    The most ideal state should be to recharge the battery when it is nearly used up; The most taboo of ordinary batteries is overcharging and overdischarging; As long as these two principles are followed, the maximum use and life cycle of the battery can be maximized.

    Motorcycle batteries are generally 12V, and some are 6V. It is better to have the above voltage charger. If you don't drive the car every half a month or a month, it is not only good for the battery, but also good for the car.

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